ISGS : Isometric grid generator


A software has been especially engineered for this work in which the user can specify three parameters:


– number of items to generate

– minimum number of segments

– maximum number of segments


It stems from an isometric structure which in that case is not a grid but rather an addition of segments that are oriented in three directions, leaving with the impression of a grid.


The full picture (full grid) is made of 3351 segments whereas the minimum can be set to zero (white sheet).


After having set the number of drawings that have to be generated, the software requires the setting of lower and higher number of segments to be used whithin the defined boundaries (0 to 3352).


From there, X drawings will be generated with a random selection of segments.


The probability of having a unique drawing is statistically highly significant.



21 x 29,7 cm

Ink on paper

series on demand

unique piece